Hepatitis C Treatment

in collaboration with UNM Project ECHO

Screening and treatment in the Primary Care setting

Hepatitis C has a high prevalence in our service area. Addressing Hep C in the primary care setting was the first initiative of UNM Project ECHO, and El Centro was one of the first sites to deliver this care to our rural communities. We have been providing accessibility to screening and treatment to our communities for over a decade, curing hundreds of patient of this previously incurable disease. We prioritize the prevention, testing and treatment of infection with hep C in order to reduce the number of new infections as well as cure the infection in those currently living with hep C thereby reducing the negative health impacts of this disease. In collaboration with UNM Project ECHO, The New Mexico Department of Health, and other community partners we hope to eliminate Hep C from New Mexico.

“El Centro providers and staff do an amazing job. I believe scores of lives have been saved due to their Hep C efforts.” —Sanjeev Aurora, MD Director of Project ECHO.