501 (c) (3) Non Profit Organization      FTCA Deemed Facility

ECFH Board Members

Leadership with …… INTEGRITY
Our Board of Directors is committed and enthusiastic about cultivating healthy communities throughout
Northern New Mexico

Executive Committee

Chair :                
Vice-Chair :         
Secretary :       
Treasurer :       
At-Large :          
Evaristo Maestas
Richard Frey
Jackie Feeler
Sylvia Vigil
Juliet Garcia-Gonzales


Members + Representative Clinics

Richard Frey                                                                                    
Coyote Clinic                                                                              
Member since October 2008                                                      
Janette Archuleta                                                                      
Española Clinics                                                                    
Member since March 2012                                                           
Pearl Maestas                                                                              
La Loma Clinic                                                                               
Member since November 2011                                               
Nesha Morse                                                                      
San Miguel Clinic                                                                        
Member since December 2013                                                 
Jackie Feeler                                                                             
Taos Clinic                                                                                     
Member since February 2013                                                    
Lebeo Martinez
Embudo & Truchas Clinics
Member since November 1994
Sylvia Vigil
Peñasco Clinics
Member since January 2013
Linette Deane
School Based Clinics
Member since October 2016
David Muniz
Las Vegas Clinics
Member since September 2016
Springer, Roy and Wagon Mound Clinics
Member since


At-Large Members

Michael Kauffman                                                                       
Ribera, NM                                                                                      
Member since September 2005                                                 
Evaristo Maestas                                                           
Anton Chico, NM                                                                         
Member since March 2009                                                     
Paul A. (Tony) Guiles
Santa Fe, NM
Member since August 2008
Juliet Garcia-Gonzales
Chamisal, NM
Member since September 2015


Emeritus Member

Mardoqueo Chacon
Vadito, NM
Founder - El Centro Family Health